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Married a long time… | July 3, 2011

As I was in bed this morning with my angelic wife, I was struck by all the ways we are loved in a marriage that has lasted. While ours (and no) marriage is without pain, disappointment and struggle; a loving long marriage is a true gift from God.

I thought how many of our lifes deepest needs are fulfilled all at once as we lay sleeping in each others arms.

We are being held by someone strong who loves us and will take care of us in a world of unknown dangers. We will be provided for and protected when we are small and alone. We are loved just like a baby.

We are in the arms of our best friend. We are with the one who will listen to us and our deepest silliest fear. Who will share our greatest triumph no matter how small. Some one on our side who will stick with us no matter what everyone else is saying. We are loved like a child.

We are in the arms of our lover. The most exciting person in our world. The one that stirs our heart, touches our body, overwhelms us with passion and desire. We are loved like a teenager by our lover.

We are with our life’s partner. The one that has been with us through most of life. Who knows our weakness and failure. The one we have disappointed and hurt. The one who has seen us at our very best and our true sacrifices. The one who has cared for us when we are weak, has helped us when we have fallen, has celebrated and rejoiced with us. We are with the parent of our children, the grandparent of our grandchildren, the parner of our like. We are loved, truly.


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