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Invest in assets… | April 18, 2012

10 More Years Of Low Returns

Written by Lance Roberts on Monday, April 16, 2012

Here is a list of things to consider.

  1. “Buy and Hold” investing will not work. Active management to participate in cyclical upswings, and avoid the majority of downswings, will be key.
  2. “Save More & Spend Less.” Savings will make a large chunk of your total retirement nest egg. This has always been the case.
  3. “Lump Sum Invest Vs. Dollar Cost Averaging.” Accumulate cash and invest in lump sums when things have become undervalued during the cyclical bear markets. This will provide better returns over time especially when combined with an active management strategy.
  4. “Income Over Growth.” The income theme will continue to dominate investor psychology particularly in the baby boomer generation.
  5. “The Inflation Benchmark.” The real benchmark for investors to focus on is inflation – not an index. Inflation, except in rare instances, actually compounds annually – stock markets don’t. Managing portfolios to limit losses and pace inflation will be key to ensure future purchasing power parity.
  6. “Diversification.” Real diversification between non-corollary assets will be key in the future to hedge off market volatility and reduce emotional mistakes.
  7. “Real Assets.” Investing in physical real assets such as income producing properties, oil and gas wells, precious metals, private equity, etc. will perform better in a rising inflationary environment. The key here is having a “real asset” behind the investment that will retain value even in deflating market environments.
  8. “Fixed Income” Even in a rising interest rate environment actual fixed income, not bond funds, will provide income, low volatility and principal protection to portfolios. Short duration ladders that can ratchet up as interest rates rise will provide portfolios with an edge over long only equity portfolios

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