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everybody lies… | July 19, 2012

S.P.I.C.E – Sweet, Pretty, Intelligent, Creative, Emotionally Mature

I would say I have to deal with at least one major lie a day and a few minor ones. But I’m relaxed about it because after awhile you get to know basic rules:

  1. Nobody gives money for free. Since I was 15 I had to work very hard for money. And it’s usually pretty easy for me to lose money. Before I was 15 it was easy to make money because I would steal from my dad’s wallet. And before I was 10 I would shoplift. Until I was caught doing both. Now making every penny is hard for me.
  2. Never travel for money. Then you are kissing ass. If people want you, they need to show it. Not just with money. Money is important but its just a byproduct of value. Once you travel to get their money then you are a beggar with your face buried in the mud while you bow to the God of Money, a very powerful and persuasive God.
  3. Never trust experts. If an expert says, “this painting is worth $100 million but you can buy it now for $20 million” then they are lying. First, see “a” above. How, in all the world, is James Altucher getting an $80 million advantage over everyone else. That doesn’t happen. And second, nothing is worth anything until someone is willing to pay for it. Opportunities don’t just magically happen.
  4. Always look for agendas. Since everyone lies, try to probe a little more for the truth. Maybe there’s other ways to benefit from someone’s lie. Like, you can write a blog post about it.

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