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Keep Focused | October 10, 2013

Keep Focused

The other day I was reorganizing some books on a shelf and I came across one which I had not thought of for a long time. It was the one which I used when I had formal “Management By Objective” training. This technique has been relabeled and repackaged numerous times since the technique was originally organized but its value has remained over many years. What came to mind was the need to remain focused on your organization’s objectives. You set your own operating area objectives, both daily and long term, in the perspective of what your company is trying to achieve. Basically, are your values and actions in line with your organizations?

I am not trying to retread old ideas. The fact is though that an individual makes many decisions through a normal day. Some small, some with long reach. Your work actions should be within the mission statement of your organization. Do you know what that statement is and can you articulate it? Have you established core values and communicated what is important to you? The touchy feely society around us embraces free ranging. You do not have to follow that path. Set objectives in all aspects of your life and work toward them.

Key elements of management by objective are: Set a measurable and achievable objective, set a time table for achieving the objective and measure progress (on paper), share your objective and progress with other individuals (people really like to help each other).

Rick Boyd

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